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Flint Learning Solutions Announces Partnership with Reveneer

Flint Learning Solutions Announces Partnership with Reveneer

Toronto, ON, January 15, 2024 Flint Learning Solutions Inc. and Reveneer, Inc. today announced a partnership that will deliver Reveneer’s best-in-class outbound sales training content using Flint’s activity-based on-the-job learning platform.

Clients will benefit from inside sales training content delivered through an activity-based approach. In line with this approach, bite-sized activities are completed in the normal flow of work tailored to the learner’s role, personality, and skill-development needs.

Commenting on the announcement, Greg Casale, CEO of Reveneer, stated, “Reveneer’s proven instructor-led approach to teaching outbound sales has delivered exceptional results for hundreds of our clients looking to scale inside sales. This partnership adds the Flint platform for serving on-the-job activities long after formal training ends, ensuring sustained learning beyond the classroom. It’s a win-win for both Reveneer as well as Flint clients who will have access to our sales content in an engaging new way.”

James Glover, CEO of Flint Learning Solutions, added, "We look forward to a highly successful partnership between our companies. Reveneer is the right strategic partner to further expand the activity library on our learning platform to provide world-class sales training to our clients. Our software solution provides a regular diet of activities that get smarter over time through A/B testing and machine learning with the ability to track measurable change in behavior. Reveneer's scale, sales capabilities and insights, coupled with Flint’s rich heritage in learning solutions will drive the next stage of our determined growth initiatives."

The adoption of Reveneer’s sales content plug-in will commence in early 2024 across North America.

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