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Flint Learning Solutions Welcomes James Glover as New Chief Executive Officer

Flint Learning Solutions Welcomes James Glover as New Chief Executive Officer

Toronto, ON, January 11, 2024Flint Learning Solutions Inc., a leading activity-based learning solutions company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of James Glover as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective January 1.

Glover, an accomplished and visionary leader, sales executive and entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience to Flint. With a proven track record of driving growth and innovation serving SaaS and Fortune 500 Companies, Glover is poised to lead Flint into a new era of success.

“I am truly honored to join the exceptional team at Flint Learning Solutions as the CEO,” said James Glover. “Flint has established itself as a pioneering force in the learning solutions industry, and I look forward to building upon its legacy of excellence. Together, we will embrace innovation, continue delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients, and explore new opportunities for growth.”

“We are delighted to welcome James Glover as our new CEO,” said Russ Hiebert, Flint Learning Solutions Founder. “His track record, exceptional leadership skills, and strategic insights make him the ideal choice to lead Flint. I’ve known James for many years, and I’m confident that together we can steer the company towards even greater achievements in the future.”

James’ appointment comes at a crucial juncture for Flint Learning Solutions as the company continues to solidify its position as a learning industry leader, advancing its activity-based on-the-job learning platform. His vision for the future, strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and dedication to fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusion align perfectly with Flint’s values.

Glover’s vision for the company centers around adding a cutting-edge software solution to Flint’s existing custom training business. Fortune 500 Companies are under pressure to deliver innovative training solutions that get results, and by offering an activity library, combined with A/B testing and leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for personalized experiences, Flint is poised to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving corporate learning landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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Established in 2012, Flint Learning Solutions specializes in delivering on-the-job activities seamlessly integrated into your regular workflow, enhancing your existing training programs. Our solution strategically addresses specific behaviors and corporate challenges. Rigorous testing ensures the measurable impact of training and real-world activities, while leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for personalized experiences. For more information, visit

About James Glover

James Glover has been serving Fortune 500 customers for the last 25 years. He believes strongly in taking responsibility for the results of the solutions he has provided. He has a passion for data-driven proof that the solution is working. He is excited about investing in solutions that will equip the next generation of leaders at Fortune 500 companies. Before joining Flint, James Glover was President and CEO of Coherent Path, where he helped retailers transform their email programs into modern data-driven channels focused on revenue. Prior to Coherent Path, James was VP of Sales at Desktone where he was responsible for accelerating customer adoption and revenue growth from zero to over 100 customers to whom he sold through world-class partners like Dell and Time Warner Cable. James also held executive positions at Memento (acquired by Fidelity Information Services) and Watchfire (acquired by IBM). He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

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